2014/03/14 – Win a trip to Japan count down to the end

The weather is getting warmer again in Kyoto and during lunch time, we can really smell the spring and feel the comfortable sunlight hitting your face. Most people are still wearing winter clothing, but it feels like we won’t need it much longer. The Sakura season is getting closer and closer and we can’t wait to sit down below the Sakura trees with our friends and beloved for a traditional Japanese flower viewing in April.

Without further delay, Congratulations to Mr. Felix Wang from the United States, he is the 6th nominee and we wish him the best of luck for the final drawing, which is drawing closer and closer. With this, we only have another 2 nominees left, and we are excited to see who will become the last two nominees. We would like to have another lady and maybe have our first female winner, however, who get’s picked is not up to us to decide, so we can only wait and see who the last two nominees may turn out to be. That said, the upcoming two weeks are the last 2 chances to become a nominee, at least for the 6th edition of ‘Win a trip to Japan’. So don’t give up until the end, anyone has a chance to Win a trip to Japan!