2016/12/29 – Tozando New Years Sales!


First of all we at Tozando wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
We at Tozando would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for another great year, and wish you a great 2017!

Please enjoy the New Years Sale that we have prepared for you which includes products with up to 50% discount! Available until the 31st of January 2017!
As usual, the Custom-made Bogus, Tailor-made Hakama, Nishijin brocade Bags are all included in the Sale! This time the Yoroi Armors among others are also up for Sale, and we are sure you will find something that you think is interesting among all the items that we are offering this time!

Although they are not on sale this time, how about buying some Men-nari – compact suburi practice shinai, or perhaps a Toryumon Classic (Fast Shipping) for the new year? Don’t forget that we have very advantageous sets such as the Tozando Complete Kendo Beginner Set available also that can serve as a very luxurious present for any one who is about to start Kendo! We also Have the The Tozando ‘YOMOGI’ Aikido Gi & Pants‘HOURAI’ models Aikido Gi & PantsTozando Standard Tetron Aikido HakamaTozando Polyester Aikido Hakama “UME, fully stocked, so these can also be shipped right after we come back after the new years!

We have also added a free sword rack and sword bag to the Tozando Suzaku Custom Iaito, so be sure to check it out!

There is now also Judo Gi from Mizuno and Karate Gi from Shureido, two of the top brands within the industry and also don’t miss out on the Naginata Bogu sets that are up for sale if you are a Naginata practitioner!

To get your discounts, remember to apply the relevant discount coupon to your shopping cart before checking out!


5% discountTZDX2016PC5

Bogu: Mitsuboshi Fit-stitched Deerskin Kendo Bogu Set “MINE”, Mitsuboshi Fit-stitched Neo-leather Kendo Bogu Set “MINE”, Mitsuboshi Fit-stitched Orizashi Kendo Bogu Set “MINE”   

Iaito: All Byakko Series Iaito

Gi & Gi Sets:  Tozando Tsumugi Iaido Uniform “AKATSUKI”Tozando Nami Tsumugi Iaido Uniform “AKEBONO”Deluxe Tozando Super Polyester Kimono Gi & Striped Hakama SetBasic Aikido Uniform

Obi: Tozando Color Aikido Obi BeltTozando Aikido Obi Black BeltDeluxe Silk Kaku Obi

Hakama: Tozando Basic Tetron Aikido Hakama

Zekken: Tozando Kendo Tare-name/Zekken (Heat press)Tozando Kendo Tare-name/Zekken (Embroidery)Tozando Kendo Tare-name/Zekken (Clarino),Tozando Kendo Tare-name/Zekken (Embroidery with Flag)Tozando Iaido Embroidery Zekken

Shinai: Tozando Custom-made Shinai


10% discountTZDX2016PC10

Bogu: 1.5bu Hand-stitched Jissengata Deerskin Kendo Bogu Set “HIKARI”Jissengata Kendo Bogu Set “Tokuren® α(Alpha)”Hand-stitched Jissengata Kendo Bogu Set “Tokuren® Ω(Omega)”Hand-stitched Jissengata Kendo Bogu Set “Tokuren® Original”Custom-made Fit-stitched Kendo Bogu SetStandard 6mm Naginata Bogu Set

KoteTozando Custom-made Kote

Iaito: All Seiryu series Iaito

Gi & Gi Sets:  “AOI” Brand Super Deluxe Double Layered Kendo Gi, “AOI” Brand Super Deluxe Softened Bushu Indigo-Dyed #10000 Cotton Kendo Hakama, Deluxe Tozando Cubic Sensor Stretch Kimono Gi & Striped Hakama Set, Tozando Super Polyester Iaido Haori, Shureido Karate Gi Set K-11Shureido Superior Heavy Weight Karate Gi Set K-10Shureido Black Superior Heavy Weight Karate Gi Set KB-10Mitsuboshi Traditional Deluxe Karate Gi SetMitsuboshi Deluxe Judo Gi & Pants Set “FUJITAKA” 

Hakama: Mitsuboshi Memory Pleats Tetron Kendo HakamaMitsuboshi CEO Alpha Kendo HakamaMitsuboshi Memory Pleats Tetron Iaido Hakama, Tozando Deluxe Striped Iaido Hakama 

Bokken: Tozando Custom Workshop BokkenTozando Custom Workshop Jo/Bo

Yoroi: Mikazuki Maetate Shiroito Navy Nimaido YoroiMikazuki Maetate Kuroito Crimson Nimaido YoroiSanada Yukimura Shikazuno Yoroi


15% discountTZDX2016PC15

Bogu: Custom-made Hand-stitched Kendo Bogu SetTozando Custom-made Kendo DoDeluxe 5mm Naginata Bogu Set

Iaito: All Minosaka Iaito, All Legend Series Iaito

Gi & Gi Sets: All Tailor-made Hakama & GiThe Tozando ‘YOMOGI’ Aikido Gi & Pants‘HOURAI’ models Aikido Gi & Pants, Premium ‘AI’, ‘KI’ & ‘DO’ models Aikido Gi and uniform sets, Tozando Nami Tsumugi Iaido Gi “AKEBONO”, Tozando Tsumugi Iaido Gi “AKATSUKI”

Bags: All Nishijin Shinai/Bogu/Sword bags 

Hakama:  All Tailor-made Hakama & GiTozando Standard Tetron Aikido HakamaTozando Polyester Aikido Hakama “UMETozando Tsumugi Iaido Hakama “AKATSUKI”Tozando Nami Tsumugi Iaido Hakama “AKEBONO”

20% discount: TZDX2016PC20

Iaito: Tozando Custom-made Iaito

Gi & Gi Sets: Mizuno® IJF Model Blue Judo Gi Set “Yusho” Japan (2016 Model)Mizuno® IJF Model Judo Gi Set “Yusho” Japan (2016 Model)


30% discount: TZDX2016PC30

Bogu: Machine-stitched Kendo Bogu Set “BioCLEAN”, Bioclean Dry Mesh Kote “Wakon”, Bioclean 4mm Fit-stitch Men, Bioclean 4mm Fit-stitch Tare

Hakama: Tozando Ultimate Bushu Indigo-dyed #11,000 Cotton Kendo Hakama “WAKON”


40% discount: TZDX2016PC40

Gi & Gi Sets: Deluxe Iaido Gi Kimono Sleeve Black, Deluxe Striped Iaido Hakama


50% discount:

Bogu: CLEARANCE – Deluxe Clarino 5 mm machine-stitched Kendo Bogu Set

Bokken: Deluxe Kuronuri Suburito 3.5shakuDeluxe Kuronuri Suburito 3.8shaku


As usual we have tried to be as generous as possible and offer more highly discounted products than usual for everyone. So we can safely say that this is the most products we have been offering with discount in any promotional campaign ever on Tozando, so there is sure to be a good deal for everyone this time around!

Please note that Tozando will be close from the 29th of December 2016 to the 4th of January 2017, so although we will receive your orders, we are unable to process or ship any orders during this time. As the office will be closed, there will be no customer support staff available to answer e-mails or phone calls, but we will be back to serve you on the morning of the 5th of January as usual!

Until then, we hope everyone have a Happy New Year and we wish everyone the best in 2017!


Best wishes,

Tozando International Sales Staff