2013/10/02 – Buy a Yoroi and get a FREE Iaito and a Sageo

Buy a Yoroi and get a FREE Iaito and a Sageo

This week, buy a Yoroi and get not only a Shundo Iaito but also a high quality Sanada Sageo of a color matching that of your Yoroi.

The SHUNDOU Iaito is a Tozando exclusive and offers the perfect choice for those looking for the ultimate in practical efficiency and elegant design. Not only is this SHUNDOU Iaito great for a Samurai film lover as a commemorative but perfect for Iaidoka of all levels, who are looking for a practical and elegant Iaito.

The Tozando’s Sanada Himo Sageo is made by one of the most esteemed craftsman in Kyoto, Takako Wada, the 14th generation head of her family. She is one of the very few people who still practise this art and her family history is as colorful and historical as the art that she practices. The traditional materials used is naturally dyed cotton (no artificial coloring used at all). Brown dye comes from the skin of the Japanese chestnut, yellow from Cape jasmine, red from safflower, purple from gromwell root. The dyes are obtained from about 70 different plant species. Eventually the colors on the Sanada himo came to be recognised as to represent each family, much like a coat of arms. Unlike machine-made Sageo that are woven together, this Sanada Himo Sageo is braided together by hand on a loom, strand by strand.

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* : This offer is valid until October 11th 2013